Client Testimonials

As a certified Public Accountant, I called EFPS for a severe ant problem, the office was built on a slab of concrete and the ants had made a nest in a wall right next to all the Administrative Assistant’s desks. Our Assistant’s eat lunch at their desks. We had attempted to solve it ourselves at first and discovered it was more than we could handle. Our tech used liquid repellents, baits inside, and granular’s outside knocked the multiple nests out. We experienced a good reduction at first and a week later they were all gone.


Business Offices, West Chester

A few years ago I called EFPS and was very unhappy with our current pest services provider over a fly problem in many sensitive areas of the families & guests. EFPS performed a thorough inspection of the restaurant and the surrounding areas and found that the fly problem was coming from dumpsters behind the property. EFPS then designed effective fly control measures both outside and inside the restaurant that stopped the fly problems. Fast and effective elimination of the fly problems was done with minimum measures like controlling where the dumpsters are located, adding outdoor traps, and installing attractive fly lights indoors


Restaurants, Spring City

my husband and I own an Ice Cream Parlor and had pest control company over a year that promised to eliminate a persistent mouse infestation. Instead of eliminating the infestations they were actually making the problems worse. We called EFPS and they did an inspection of the restaurant found out why other companies have failed to eliminate this persistent and embarrassing infestation. . The mice were coming over a common wall from the movie theater and surviving on a diet of popcorn. The previous company was using methods that taught the mice to avoid the traps that were being used by them. Not once did anyone address the drop ceiling and common walls between the businesses.  The tech got dirty and addressed the drop ceiling, kitchen and storage areas and the dining room.


Restaurants, Media

EFPS took over the pest management services for a small chain of fast food restaurants. As we inspected we found severe drain fly infestations at most of the locations. EFPS developed individualized treatment programs for each store, and in just 2 weeks, with the cooperation of the management in our requests for repairs and sanitation improvements, completely eliminated the fly infestations. Shortly after our success in these stores the General Manager called our office and said that these stores have had fly infestations for 2 years and EFPS eliminated the problems in just 2 weeks

Small Flies

A recent inspection of a local restaurant showed that the restaurant, basement and support areas were all heavily infested with German roaches. EFPS discovered that they were using a pest control company for service, but not a company with the wide ranging commercial pest management experience. This company was trying, but the tech’s did not have the expertise to eliminate these severe roach infestations. EFPS has the knowledge, experience and the equipment to effectively treat severe roach infestations, even infestations hiding deep in equipment and other voids. During our initial intensive service EFPS flushed out and killed thousands of roaches, greatly reducing the populations in just a few hours. EFPS followed up on the initial treatment and found that only a few roach infestations remained and these were subsequently eliminated on the next treatment.

German Roaches

As a Homeowner’s Association Officer we started getting calls from Condo owners seeing an occasional Rats at dusk. We called EFPS to get a proposal to treat under the sheds between the buildings. They also addressed the need to treat the whole complex. By the first week we found a few dead ones, but our tech discovered all the bait was gone and replaced it. It was a much bigger problem than we knew. The company identified three rat nests around the courtyard, under sheds, drain pipes, and flower beds. Within two weeks the bait significantly removed all the rats, we now have a maintenances plan to prevent them from returning to the area.


Condo’s/Apartments, Newtown Square

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