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All too often a Villanova, PA client wakes up in the morning and finds a few bites. Too be honest most people do not detect Bed Bugs in the first two weeks giving the chance to get established in the bed. It takes that long for humans to make the antibodies that start to itch and when they do – wow its worse than a mosquito bite. You can see the bugs although they are small, and you really have to look. But they also leave a calling card.


where_do_bed_bugs_hideWhile there are multiple professional options for elimination that can successfully eliminate an infestation, discovering the origin of infestation is key to prevention. While reputable companies will provide a guarantee of elimination and limited warranty, no treatment can protect a property against future re-introduction. If the origin of infestation can be identified, an inspection and necessary treatment should be applied simultaneously to prevent re-infestation. Because these household pests are extremely adaptable and often resist home remedies and treatments, the fastest and most effective approach for elimination is to call in a trained specialist.

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EFPS Integrated Pest Management Approach for Controlling Bed Bugs
EFPS policy for bed bug control is defined in 4 separate sections:
1. Inspection
2. Customer Education and Preparation
3. Treatment
4. Follow Up

Most bed bug jobs are different and present unique challenges specific to their individual locations and type of structure.
EFPS has created a Bed Bug Control Program that we have found to be a highly effective process to treat for bed bugs.
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